Fresh tech with a familiar flavour

IceCI is designed for Kubernetes from the ground up, while simultaneously keeping the user experience in line with existing container-based systems that you’re used to. Reap the benefits of Kubernetes while working with a user-friendly UI, without having to get into the nitty and gritty interiors.

Set it up any way you like

Whether you prefer to have a slick UI or rather use kubectl, we’ve got you covered. The modular design of IceCI allows for mixing and matching the components you deploy, so the application is tailored to your needs.

Separation of concerns

If you choose to, you can customize how IceCI is deployed, to make it fit to your architecture and infrastructure layout. When it comes to writing pipelines, iceCI provides a layer of abstraction over Kubernetes, to let you focus on integrating your apps.

Air gap ready

As long as IceCI has access to a Docker registry - it’s good to go. You can use Docker Hub or - if you prefer - self-host a registry to create a fully air-gapped system. Contain your CI in your infrastructure - no outside network access is needed.

Sounds interesting?

Check out our GitHub and documentation for more info about installation and usage